Sergio Hudson animal print

Dive into bold sophistication with Sergio Hudson’s animal print collection, a blend of timeless design and adventurous patterns. For a statement of elegance that never fades, trust in the allure of this iconic print by a renowned designer.

Unveil your bold side with Sergio Hudson’s 100% silk animal print blouse. Crafted in the USA, this luxurious piece combines a classic spread shirt collar with cuff sleeves, ensuring both comfort and timeless elegance. Its versatile button front makes it a centerpiece for any ensemble, embodying American craftsmanship and upscale design. Opt for dry cleaning to maintain its premium quality.

Discover the epitome of luxury with this imported blazer crafted entirely from silk, featuring a printed silk crepe design and an elegant shawl collar. For the utmost care and preservation of its refined quality, always opt for dry cleaning.

Elevate your style with this imported Belgian Velvet high-waist mini skirt, meticulously crafted from a blend of 63% viscose and 37% polyester, lined with 100% silk for premium comfort. To ensure its luxurious texture and quality are preserved, always opt for dry cleaning.

Experience timeless elegance with this imported button-up shirt, intricately designed with a hidden front placket and made entirely from 100% silk. For lasting sophistication and to maintain its pristine condition, always choose dry cleaning.